How Much Plastic Is In The Ocean?

How Much Plastic Is In The Ocean

The Ocean plays a key role in supporting life on earth. This is because it holds the highest volume of water on the surface of the earth. From whatever perspective, we know that water is an important source of life. The Ocean is the largest source of all the water in the world with a … Read more

11 Fish Tank Decor Ideas For Inspiration

Fish Tank Decor Ideas

Here are 11 of the most creative fish tank decor ideas that highlight some of the best methods for building unique aquarium designs. I spent the whole day searching the internet and watching videos to compile this list to help inspire your next tank and give you some insight into the processes and costs involved … Read more

How Often Do You Feed A Betta Fish

how often do you feed a betta fish

You’ve purchased a beautiful betta fish. You arrive home, get the fish settled in its new home, but wait how do you ensure you feed the betta fish enough? You remember the salesperson telling you to just sprinkle some food in each day, multiple times a day, and the fish is sure to live a … Read more

Can Betta Fish Eat Goldfish Food? (Will It Hurt Them)

can betta fish eat goldfish food

At first glance, you may look at betta fish and goldfish and think they are pretty similar. So why couldn’t a betta eat goldfish food? But it’s important to note that in their natural habitats, goldfish and betta fish actually have different diets. This is primarily because betta fish are carnivores by choice. Should Betta … Read more

How to Acclimate Betta Fish?

how to acclimate a betta fish

Whether you’re a new fish owner or a seasoned veteran, the chances are that one of your fish mates has been having trouble adapting to their new home. Many betta owners find that their little pal seems unhappy, stressed, and lethargic. This is because the poor guy is experiencing a process called “acclimation,” which can … Read more

Betta Fish Water Temperature Guidance Range

perfect water temp for betta fish

Also known as fighting fish, betta fish are some of the most popular aquarium fish. If you want your betta fish to survive and be healthy in your aquarium, you must ensure that the water is at the right temperature. Like other creatures, betta fish are sensitive to too cold or cold water temperatures. So, … Read more

Are Betta Fish Carnivores?

are betta fish carnivores

You might have seen betta fish, also known as Siamese fighting fish, swimming in small bowls with one plant. These beautiful fish seem happy living alone in a minimalist environment with only the plant to nibble on for food. Part of keeping these fish beautiful is making sure they have a proper diet, so feeding … Read more